Well, hello there

As much as I love Pinterest, sometimes I just want to see all my stuff in one place on the same board, in chronological order, uncategorized. See, it’s really hard being a human, and since I have only experienced being a girl, I can say it’s really hard being a girl. We’re told so many things about who we are and who we are not supposed to be and these things get jumbled up over time until we are 20-something and suddenly overwhelmed by our own inconsistencies. I am nothing like my pinterest boards, all organized with labels. You feel me girls?

So I made a place (a blog) to post stuff I like, stuff I’m thinking about, how I feel, and who I am at this minute. Let’s just say it’s a public effort to get to know myself a little better.

I am currently (as in this minute) in a frenzy of diet changes, motivated solely by working out and seeing results. I could spend every second at the gym. I love looking at my own body, seeing it move, watching sweat roll down my neck. I feel hot. The funny part is, just one week ago I felt positively disgusting. On Sunday I thought, “that’s it! I’m gonna change my diet, I can’t handle this anymore.” So I started tracking my diet 2 days ago and I was doing well despite being starving constantly, making good diet choices because I knew I’d have to put it in my diet tracker. Then, BAM, tonight it flies out the window and all I want is a cookie. Is this real life?

Also, here is what has been on my mind this week:

This post by Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb, in response to Mrs. Hall

How much I love Tom Hiddleston and cookies

gorgeous picture of a naked man (NSFW)

Tattoos and Beards

This girl is badass, and I aspire to be just like her. May I please get a job as an “obstacle course trainer”?

That’s the bulk of it. Men, women who know what’s up, cookies. I think we can say this is a good start.


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